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"Super Mario 3! Mario Is Back, But Now With Many" Vocals Were Given By Brentalfloss. Below, You Can Find Lyrics of Mario 3 But Better Song And Enjoy Your Singing.

Mario 3 But Better Lyrics

Lyrics Written by: ​brentalfloss & Koji Kondo

Hey, what up, 'Floss?
Hey, Matthew, what's goin' on?
Listen, I had an idea:
What if Super Mario Brothers 3 had lyrics?
That is an awful, awful idea!

Super Mari-
Super Mari-
Super Mario 3!

Mario is back, but now with many more clothes to wear
The Frog Suit, Hammer Brothers Suit
And some kind of magic bear
This game warped my tender brain, and now I know why
The sun comes down from the sky
If you touch turtles, you die
And also raccoons can fly
When "P" is high (my, my, my)

The Koopa Kids were brand new
You can live in the shoe
And then everything grew
Yeah, that shit got me delirious
I first saw the game
In a film I won't name
A movie on which I blame
My expectations of the Power Glove
It's so bad (he was serious)
Grab your spare controller
Let's play Mario 3
As long as I am player one, which means that you're player two
Let's stay up all night and beat the whole game again-ah

I have to wake up at eight
To work a job that I hate
It's harder staying up late
When you're grown men

Let's drink some beer and then pass out!

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